Basic functions

Basic functions that we are ready to undertake includes comprehensive solutionof issuesof FEA, arrangement of import / export, transport and storage logistics, customs clearance, nontariff regulation, insurance, accounting and legal support forinternational contracts.

The totality ofoperationsand technology of the Group of Companies"RussianLogisticsProvider" is aimed atthe implementation of:



The mission of the Group of Companies "Russian Logistics Provider" is in provision of the full range of services to its clients - companies of traders in a professional manner with maximum reliability, flexible pricing, quality and in time. 

We are responsible for the commitments undertaken and guarantee the realization of FEA tasks of any complication and protect your interests, acting as the single team!

Group of the Companies

Customs Broker- customs clearanceof import andexport cargoes, consultations on foreign trade.

Freight Forwarding Company- forwarding andtransportation of goodsto Russia and worldwide.

Trucking company- trucking.

Law firm-providing comprehensivelegal support inthe businessof Russian andforeign companies.

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