Quality assurance policy

Policy of our company is the guarantee of safety and reliability of all procedures with cargoes, with a high level of competitive service level under competitive prices based on the combination of high-qualification personnel, logistics technology and leading in the management technology and methods.

The quality of our services is the maximum satisfaction of all needs and demands of our customers: cargo owners, forwarders, shippers, consignees. The main contingent of the clients includes legal entities. It defines their requirements in relation to our services:
• direct services at competitive prices;
• high level of service;
• provision of comprehensive service;
• fast processing and delivery of goods.
Our customers in the freight transportation are the Cargo-Agents, that operate with us under a contract.  To meet their needs we have to ensure:
• the required resources (financial, human and technological resources);
• the shortest time of delivery and release of cargo;
• cargo safety;
• competitive prices.

Our staff - is the main potential ensuring the achievement of our goals. Therefore, our task includes continuous professional development and promotion of our employees.
Our counter-agents, subcontractors and customers are the main link in the process of providing the required quality. Thus, close cooperation and communication as well as the informing on the tasks imposed in the sphere of quality and requirements to their activities and their integration into the process of continuous quality improvement are a necessary component of our policy.
The company has developed and implemented enterprise quality assurance standards. 

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