Main types of activities of “RLP” company

The advantages of Clients working with Group of Companies "Russian Logistic Provider" ("RFP") includes a number of factors. One of the main factors is the possibility of "RLP" provide comprehensive solution of issues faced by a party in carrying out foreign trade operations of importing or exporting goods.

The package of logistics services can include:

• route calculation and technological delivery diagram;
• calculation of the cost of international traffic;
• multi-modal transportation;
• supply of vehicles for loading at the warehouse of the consignor;
• execution of shipping, transport and customs documents;
• storage of goods in the warehouses of temporary or long-term storage;
• customs clearance;
• cargo insurance on behalf of the Principal;
• consolidation of cargoes in the warehouses of our partners;
• informing clients about the whereabouts of cargo;
• freight forwarding, including port forwarding;
• delivery of goods to the consignee's warehouse to any region of Russia and the world;
and other services provided by specialized companies, "RLP".

The package of customs clearance services may include:

• registration with the customs authorities of FEA participants;
• identification of the product code by the Goods Classifier for Foreign Economic Activity;
• calculation of foreign trade deal;
• assistance in selecting the optimal mode and customs clearance for the complex modes and special conditions;
• preparation of documents for customs according to the selected mode;
• harmonization of the list of documents submitted to the customs authorities;
• checking for compliance with contract enforcement and customs control;
• assistance in obtaining permits certification bodies;
• preliminary audit, training and support documents for obtaining a decision on the classification of goods.

The package of consulting services may include:

• consulting in Foreign Economic Affairs;
• consulting on customs legislation, customs tariffs and foreign trade;
• the classification of goods under the Goods Classifier for Foreign Economic Activity;
• consultation on the import of goods in the authorized capital;
• preparation and execution of the required reports to the customs authorities related to the formation of the authorized capital;
• calculation of pre-payments;
• advice on the availability of preferences, privileges, restrictions;
• preparation and registration of documents for obtaining preferential regimes, reporting to the customs authorities
• calculation of costs under the contract;
• consultation and participation in negotiations on issues relating to customs clearance;
• advice and assistance in obtaining permits and certificates;
• advice on the preparation of documents for banks in the foreign trade-contracts;
• consulting with complex issues with customs authorities;
• representation of clients in the conduct of an administrative or judicial proceedings
• advising in the Post-Entry Control;
• the implementation of foreign economic contract and monitor the timely implementation of commitments.

The entire provided professional assistance in resolving disputes in customs matters is conducted in compliance with applicable Russian laws and Customs Code of the Russian Federation under the strict fulfillment of the obligations and full responsibility for the goods.

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