Marketing research of FEA

The need for marketing research to date has increased, suggesting that this type of activity gives its results and allows to solve a number of important tasks.

Marketing researches are conducted with the help of various secret surveys, tracking of dynamics of growth of popularity of various groups of goods. There are also hidden opportunities of marketing research. One of the most important is the organization of the marketing research, as market segmentation by customers, consumers, product positioning, tracking prices, the development of new products and improvement of existing.

Methods of work:

  • desk research;
  • field research;
  • situational modeling with the use of mathematical apparatus;
  • SWOT-analysis.

The basic directions of research:

  • the study of new markets;
  • examination of trademarks, brands;
  • study of consumers;
  • study of potential clients, dealers and middlemen;
  • study of the effectiveness of advertising;
  • testing of advertising production;
  • study of the mass media;
  • testing of different groups of products.

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