Marine shipping

Container shipments, which are an integral part of multimodal transportation, are considered to be the most common type of sea transportation of cargo. The use of containers for such transportation reduces significantly the cost and time of delivery.

The Group of Companies "Russian Logistics Provider" performs transportation by sea to any destination. Transportation by sea is the option to carry volume cargo at low cost at a long distance. Low cost per ton of cargo as well as a large volume of the consignment offer low cost shipping.

Our experts monitor continuously changes in the cost of freight, depending on market conditions. We provide reliable information about the cargo throughout its route.

Service of the Group of Companies "Russian Logistics Provider" in the area of the transportation by sea includes the services in customs clearance, insurance, warehousing and storage. Our experts will provide advice and assistance in the execution and obtaining of all necessary shipment documents, will offer optimal conditions for cargo transportation, with the calculation of optimal rates for freight. Employees of the JSC "RLP" implement continuous monitoring of the cargo movement, which allows providing the client with information on the whereabouts of the goods at any time.

For rates for the carriage of goods you can make a request to the site, or contact our specialists by phone (free in Russia): 8800555 6065, the phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 702-6065

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