Customs clearance

The company provides customs clearance in the direction of imports and exports, implements by customers' request preliminary estimates of the customs clearance of goods and gives qualified advice in this area. All employees of JSC "RLP" pass the compulsory certification and therefore have the successful experience in the field of logistics and customs clearance of various types of commodity nomenclature for different customs procedures.

The package of services for customs clearance:

• calculation of foreign trade (customs fees, shipping, customs brokerage, etc.);
• classification of goods by Goods Classifier for Foreign Economic Activity, the cost of goods and customs duties to imports of goods and registration of the declaration;
• registration with the customs authorities of foreign economic activity;
• assistance in selecting the optimal mode of customs clearance and on complex and specialized modes of conditions;
• preparation of documents for customs according to the selected mode;
• harmonization of the list of documents submitted to the customs authorities;
• verification of the foreign trade contract for compliance with the customs authorities and control bodies;
• assistance in obtaining permits certification bodies, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, phytosanitary certificates, the organization of veterinary inspection, etc.;
• recommendations on the shipping documents:
1. customs declaration;
2. contracts for the international sale or other types of contracts concluded in the commission of foreign trade;
3. commercial documents;
4. transport documents;
5. permits, licenses, certificates, and (or) other documents confirming compliance with the restrictions established in accordance with Russian legislation;
6. payment and settlement documents;
7. documents confirming the information on the declarant, and the people who must make customs operations for the production of goods.

Customs clearance is carried out in the region of all the customs of the city of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Vyborg, Saratov, Tolyatti, Ryazan, and also in the area of Central Excise and Central Energy Customs.
Customs services are provided on the basis of a certificate of inclusion in the register of customs brokers № 0141/02
Our experts are ready to protect your rights, answer questions and offer customized terms and conditions.

For rates for customs clearance, you can make online request or contact our specialists by phone (free in Russia): 8 800 555 6065, Phone in St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 702-6065


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